Ready Rockaway

Disaster and Emergency Preparedness and Management

Ready Rockaway is actively engaged in monitoring the threats of natural disasters and educating our community and people on the response needed to safeguard our people.

Ready Rockaway has established an educational program consisting of volunteers who are trained and certified by the American Red Cross in Greater New York (ARC/GNY) on personal emergency preparedness. These certified volunteers are known as Ready Rockaway’s Community Outreach Specialists and quite often referred to as READY ROCKAWAY’s ‘foot soldiers’. With their certification, these specialists will offer presentations throughout the community at civic meetings, religious activities, tenant organization meetings and other gatherings to share information and empower participants to become self-reliant in times of emergencies and crisis.


These presentations focus on building “Go-Bags” (emergency kits) and personal/family emergency preparedness. Each participant who trains will receive a free emergency kit, compliments of Ready Rockaway’s sponsor, Senator James Sanders Jr.

Additionally, each volunteer receives a stipend for each meeting they attend as Ready Rockaway representatives.